Rustling Roots is an education center for ecological living focused on science, nature connection, and community. Through our varied programs, participants engage in experiential learning, immerse themselves in our community and encounter proof of concept that living ecologically can be comfortable, beautiful, and exciting.

SEPTEMBER 2 | 10am – 5pm

Please consider joining us Monday September 2 for a day filled of community & ecological education and exploration! Vegan lunch & dinner is included as well as overnight camping for those who wish to stay a little longer.


  1. Natural Water Filtration: Natural Swimming Pool Design and Ecology of water and Filtration Systems led by Ella of Cambia Community.
  2. Liberation Arts: A Customized Plan Built from the 6 Community and Warrior Workshops:
    Led by Macaco of Ecovillage Charlottesville & the Ecovillage Education Institute
  3. Crafting your Biome- Soil to Plate with BIOCRAFT, led by Jes and Kyle of Happy Hills off-grid village, creators BioCraft
  4. Trust and Relationship Games: Community Building through Team Challenges led by Gil of Cambia Community