We need your help to build a classroom!

We are extending our roots to reach a bigger network of folks who believe in our vision of ecological education enough to support the necessary next steps for growth.  If you believe in what we do, please consider donating whatever you can to help us reach our $8000 goal to build a classroom to improve our educational programs!

A living museum. Experiential education. Community immersion. At Rustling Roots we are working to mend the disconnects between people and place, past and future, hope and action.

Rustling Roots is an education center for ecological living focused on science, nature connection, and community.  Through our varied programs, participants engage in experiential learning, immerse themselves in our community and encounter proof of concept that living ecologically can be comfortable, beautiful, and exciting.

Many of the solutions demonstrated here can be scaled to rural, suburban and urban locations across the world. We need to make all places on this planet matter, and spread opportunities around the globe.

This is why we created our interactive outdoor museum, hands on education center, living laboratory, and forest trails.

While most museums create an experience distinct and isolated from the environment they are in, we provide a unique opportunity for an educational environment that is integrated into the ecosystem. Rustling Roots exhibits and activities are embedded into our forest learning trail. Here, all weather events are welcomed as they interact directly with our technology. Cold wind can increase the appreciation for a rocket-mass heater, and a hot muggy day would be the best teacher of the importance of building underground.

Check out the models on our “Museum Trail” for more details about our current exhibits.

We are in the process of expanding our education center with a Forest Classroom. Please see our fundraiser to help fund this initiative which will provide us with the facilities to host larger groups and to hold programs even during inclement weather.