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In order to make our programs accessible to school groups year round, we need to build a classroom. This classroom will be a dry place, out of the elements for adults and children at the end of their museum trail-walk. This space will serve as a fully-equipped classroom and a dining room, and warm, cozy discussion space.

Built with local and natural materials, the classroom itself will be one of the exhibits.  Inside it, there will be activity stations and more exhibits, allowing us to operate programs even in inclement weather.

We need you to help us build this classroom! We have school groups excited and ready to come here for field trips, and we want to be ready for them! Please visit our crowdfunding page to donate what you can.

Ways you can provide us with support:

  1. Donate however much you can to our fundraiser so that we can create the outdoor classroom of our dreams!
  2. Spread the word by sharing the link to our fundraiser with friends and family so you can help expand our network of folks 
  3. Please be in touch with us by emailing if:
    • You have professional or academic contacts to assist us with scientific knowledge and/or technological support for our various ecological exhibits
    • You have contacts to share of interested groups and schools that would like to participate in our Rustling Roots program starting in the Spring.
    • You are passionate with ideas that would contribute to the educational vision of Rustling Roots through models, artwork, experiments and exhibits, we would love to hear about your unique and creative insight!
  4. Stay connected with us by liking our facebook page and inviting your friends so that you can stay updated with our project.