Our Self Guided Tour

We are now offering self-guided tours thanks to the comprehensive guidebooks we have developed for visitors! The guidebook will take folks through a numerically ordered journey of both the Rustling Roots museum trail models & activities as well as the 20 various home-scale, low-budget DIY sustainable systems that are integrated throughout Cambia Community.

You can expect to spend 45min – 1.5hours on the tour but as it is self guided, you dictate how much time to spend on parts that are most exciting for you!

Self-guided tours are available by appointment through email (rustlingroots@gmail.com) or phone (443-531-6848) and sliding scale donations of $5-15 is hugely appreciated!

A few of our exhibits you can look forward to seeing in person include:

  • Electric antique car conversion
  • Solar cooking & hot water
  • A self cleaning pond
  • Geothermal AC
  • Composting toilet
  • Developing food forests & gardens
  • Food dehydration and canning

  • Suspended Yurt
  • Shipwrecked Boat House
  • BioSand Filter
  • Wigwam
  • Natural Building Projects
  • Rocket Mass Heater
  • Temple/Meditation Space
  • And much more!