Art / Museum Models Internship

Since the development of copying and mass distribution, art has suffered a massive drop in the number of people who engage in its creation, and yet art is one of the areas where the ratio of percent of people who wish they could devote their lives to it, and those who actually make a living from it, might be the highest of all.
Here at Rustling Roots we offer several internships both in creating mechanical representations in our sustainable living museum, and producing conceptual depictions of people’s relationships to nature.

Project ideas include:
1. creating a mechanical display of the ratio between inputs and outputs of various agricultural products such as animal proteins, sugar, topsoil loss, etc.
2. creating a mechanical representation of a web of interdependence within an ecological system displaying both its resilience and susceptibility to catastrophic collapse.
3. creating a living biological model of oxygen and CO2 within a closed system
4. constructing art that gets completed by living or weathering forces
5. making a poetry walk in the forest with poems depicting the experience of nature written on natural surfaces

To Apply

Email us your interest and we will send you an entry questionnaire:

If you are from UVA you should contact us through the IPP (Internship Placement Program).