Past Workshops

Rustling Roots hosts hands-on educational opportunities including student field trips, youth programs, tours, workshops, summer camp with some overnight stays, internships, and artist residencies.

Here are some of our favorite workshop from the past


Jeff Gottlieb led this workshop on a weekend in November 2023. We learned to make custom-fitted moccasins, the traditional footwear of the Cherokee, Seminole, Creek, and other Southeastern tribes. We got to go home with comfortable footwear and pride in knowing we made them ourselves.

It was a 3-day workshop with vegan meals & camping.

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In the Summer of 2023, Jeff Gottlieb taught us all about Kudz; the ecology, history, traditional and new uses of kudzu. We made two types of baskets, rope, cordage, and process roots for medicine.

There’s more info on the Events Givebutter Page

build your own pack basket

OCTOBER 25 – 27
vegan meals & camping included

Weave a useful and distinctive pack basket in this fun and educational weekend workshop. Learn how to make custom shaped baskets using the splint weaving technique. Go home with a great basket complete with shoulder straps, as well as the knowledge of how to make more.