Summer & Fall 2022 Kids Program

Weekly sessions at Rustling Roots Education Center for ages 8 – 13

We listened to the land through science, play, and story and got a better understanding of sustainability. We experienced the human side aspects of cooperation built on nature connection and awareness.

Thank everyone for participating in the children’s program this Summer and Fall at Cambia.

Some of our academic and enrichment accomplishments:

  • STEM learning through hands on building in the sustainability museum and accompanying lecture presentations on the
  • Team building and leadership experiences in challenge course activities.
  • Creative offering through participation in curating a collection of activities (secret leader, sound and motion, collaboration and connection through play, group mind number game: sensing what others are doing without word)
  • Physical Education with folkloric warrior dances, chaperoned playground challenges and free play time.
  • Learning achievement in a pedagogical structure that supports independent thoughts and pursuits within structures that honor activity leaders and trusting in their offer

We studied the science behind soil and water testing, water filtering, and creek ecology. Baribe Ecovillage got a new pond, and new stories in digital photos slide show.

We setup of a dozen different soil mixtures to test growth and test our assessment skills of what is health. We had a session of generational participations on the Monday after the of the Communities Conference. Cambia hosted all-age workshops in making different styles of rocket stoves. The kids participated in mixing cob for a cob rocket stove and learned alongside adults with diagrams and discussions.

In expressive arts we moved our bodies as a group in sync and with awareness of ourselves and others in space. In the Challenge Course Playground, various team challenges worked the collaborative muscles, inspired to get to the courses end goal together.

We finished strong with the last sessions including invigorating theater/improv activities and a theatrical presentation in improv form of the story Around the Bear.

About the Education Team

Rustling Roots is an education center for ecological living focused on science, nature connection, and community. Through our varied programs, participants engage in experiential learning, immerse themselves in our community and encounter proof of concept that living ecologically can be comfortable, beautiful, and exciting.

Cambia Community – Sustainability is best learned, experienced and understood as practices integrated in an active real-life community. Cambia is the living group of people that the Rustling Roots Education Center’s models scale in and around. This relationship provides to our guests in residence an authentic experience in alternative living. For our day guests it adds elements of identification, connection and empathy to a more than just a museum experience. If we can do it, so can you!

Liberation Arts in an educational partnership with Rustling Roots will be in residency at Cambia for Spring and Summer of 2022. Liberation Arts is a method of education and a philosophy of life. It is a practice of culture that generates freedom. It’s aspects of creativity can be experienced in workshops, classes, parties, ceremonies, rituals, discussions, debates and more.